MAN has a wide range of trucks in terms of GVW / engine HP. MAN vehicles are equipped with special features that meet the stringent operating conditions of Oman. The trucks are fitted with high performance fuel efficient common rail engines and a matching drive train which together offer ruggedness, safety, comfort and performance to the truck user. As a result, MAN trucks are in use for an extensive range of applications including Tippers, Tankers, Concrete mixers, Concrete pumps, Fire Trucks, Recovery Trucks, Horse Boxes, Mobile offices etc..



  • Robust, Economical and last but not the least Reliable – these are the characteristics of the TGS. Particularly designed for use at building sites, for transporting heavy loads and equally at ease for short haul and long haul transport the TGS has all the qualities of yet another winner from MAN.

    The TGS WW, is specifically designed for the toughest of operations as a semi-trailer tractor, chassis for Tippers, Tankers and Mixers, etc. with a GVW ranging from 18 to 41 tons. Efficient and economical Common rail engines from the D20 and D26 range deliver ample power from 350 to 480 HP. These engines are ideally suited for operating in extreme climatic conditions with a large radiator concealed behind a modern cab front. A matching robust drive train which includes the ZF transmission (optionally available in TipMatic version) a rugged suspension and chassis frame makes the TGS almost unbeatable.

    The TGS is available in three different sized driver cabins namely the short M cabin for building sites and short haul transport, the longer L cabin with ample space and facility for the driver to rest on long journeys and the spacious LX cabin for even more comfortable travel. The ergonomic arrangement of controls inside the cabin makes driving safe and stress free. The new design of these cabins improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption.

  • TGM

    Perfect for driving in all conditions, the rugged TGM is available in a wide range of wheel bases, with a C or a L cabin, with GVW ranging form 15 to 18 tons. The trucks are also available in a 4x4 version ideal for difficult terrains.

    The TGMs come fitted with Common rail 6 cylinder engines delivering 240 to 280 HP.

    With the above variations, these trucks are very versatile making them the ideal trucks for an array of applications including lift platforms, cargo trucks, water and fuel tankers, municipal trucks, fire trucks etc.

  • TGL

    Available with a 10 or 12 ton GVW these trucks are most suited for the urban, discerning customers as distribution trucks and also for special applications.

  • CLA

    Vehicles in the MAN CLA series are designed for the tough working conditions of the markets in Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The proven vehicle concept includes two-, or three- -axle chassis suitable for mounting the superstructures of Cargo body, Tipper, Tankers and some special applications.

    The robust and reliable MAN CLA boasts proven MAN technology at competitive prices and meets all the demands placed on a truck to be driven both on the road and on rough terrain. The truck is manufactured by MAN's subsidiary in India, where it is specially adapted to typical working conditions in developing countries. Its combination of reliable and easy-to-service technology means that you can always rely on the MAN CLA.

    MAN CLA trucks are made from robust parts and boast proven technology, low fuel consumption and low operating costs.


The MAN bus range is equally impressive extending from city buses to inter-city buses, articulated buses, double decker buses, deluxe coaches etc.

MAN buses provide comfort and are known for their reliability and environmental friendliness.

MAN buses can be broadly classified as under :

  • Coaches

    Powerful dynamics, impressive ambience, exclusive comfort and top-class safety are the salient features of MAN Coaches. The MAN Coach family stands for outstanding technology and award winning design. Travelling is therefore certainly a very comfortable experience.

  • City buses

    MAN city buses are the perfect combination of efficiency and sustainability in public transport. They masterfully cope with the tough requirements of urban transport. The fully modernized low floor or low entry city buses meet the exacting requirements of regular service with style. Powerful engine performance with perfect force transmission, appealing design with cheerful interior wins over the passengers.

  • Chassis

    MAN chassis offers excellent quality for first class body solutions. They are body friendly, reliable and have a long service life. Suitable for almost infinite possibilities for bus and coach bodies and vehicles of every type and tonnage.

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