Due to limited resources of fresh water in Oman most of the water used for household use and drinking is desalinated from sea water or brackish water from borewells.

SBG has played an important role by offering Desalinated water projects in cooperation with overseas Principals.

Masirah, Al Nagda and Sheesha desalination plants are live examples of such a contribution. SBG in conjunction with Principals offers a wide range of Desalination plants, starting from a few cubic metres /day (such as for camps) to a large plant for the entire city or township, based on Reverse Osmosis technology.

In-line with the latest technological development SBG offers containerised plants which have a compact  layout and offer  important advantage of mobility of the plant.

The whole plant is located in few containers and can be easily transported from one site to another with minimal installation / hook ups and civil works.

This gives excellent flexibility for reuse of the plant. With friendly operations, and easy maintenance including Automatic and semi-automatic controls these plants prove to be real assets to the users.